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Fees when you accept credit card payments

There are fees to consider when you accept credit card payments. The first fee you can expect to have to pay is the application fee. This goes for setting up your merchant account, which may also have its own set of fees. Then there are the discount rate fees when you accept credit card payments, which are more commonly referred to as transaction fees. These are typically a percentage of each transaction. You’ll also have statement fees, service fees and monthly maintenance fees. If you need additional services, or need to rent or lease credit processing equipment, you’ll also have to pay fees for those.

Accept credit card payments and save money

When you accept credit card payments, you’re essentially spending money to make money. While paying a percentage of each transaction here doesn’t seem like a lot — being just a few cents to a few dollars here and there, it can quickly add up. And if you’re looking to cut costs, you can first look at what you’re doing when you accept credit card payments. First, encourage customers to make all of their purchases at the same time. Second, in the event of an unhappy customer who wants their money back, rather than refuse them and run the risk of a charge back, which has its own set of imposed fees, simply refund the customer and be done with them. When processing credit card payments, you may find yourself dealing with a card that doesn’t want to read. Attempt to swipe it two or three times before resorting to keying in the card information, as that costs more per transaction.

Safest way to accept credit card payments

The safest way to accept credit card payments is to do so ethically and honestly. When you run your business in an upfront and forthright manner, you’re not likely to encounter troubles with customers. Of course, you can also safely accept credit card payments by ensuring that you’re using the proper merchant account for your business. If your business is low risk, like a grocery store or utility company, then you’re fine with a regular merchant account. But if you want to accept credit card payments for a business of a high risk nature, like a travel agency or fireworks stand, then you’re better off with a high risk merchant account, which has standards in place to protect you and the merchant account provider from excess problems and fees.

Who can accept credit card payments?

Anyone who is running a legal and certified business is eligible to accept credit card payments.