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How can I accept credit cards online?

You can accept credit cards online via two options. The first option is known as “real-time processing”. There is where your customers will be connected to a server that processes the transaction and charges the credit card at that time. The other option you can use to accept credit card online is known as “off-line processing”. This is where the credit card information for each sale is saved individually, and the business owner/operator must retrieve it manually to process at a later time. Each option will work for you to be able to accept credit card payments online, but also require specialized applications and equipment in order to be compliant with the major credit card issuers, including Visa and MasterCards.

Is it safe to accept credit cards online?

I am being realistic when I say it is almost as safe to accept credit card on the web – for you. Because of the anonymity the world wide web can offer, people are more likely to try their hand at using stolen credit cards or fraudulent information online, rather than in a physical, offline setting. Because of these risks, while you will be approved for merchant accounts that enable you to accept credit cards online, you may have to pay higher application and set up fees, and you will almost always incur larger transaction fees. Also, it would be a smart idea to invest in AVS (Address Verification Service) for the purpose of confirming billing and shipping addresses.

Do customers shop only at stores that accept credit cards online?

For the most part, yes. Don’t get me wrong – there are always people who will be willing to send personal checks or money orders through the postal service in order to pay for a highly desired item. But for the most part, if a person can find a product or service at a website that accepts credit cards online, they are more likely to make the purchase through that website, rather than go through the inconvenience or mailing out personal checks or money orders.

How much will it cost me to accept credit cards online?

For the most part, services that enable you to accept credit cards online are very affordable. You may have to pay an application fee and a set up fee, but both are rarely more than one hundred dollars for the two of them together. When you sign up for merchant account services that include the ability to accept credit card on the web, you will also be agreeing to pay a monthly service charge. This charge covers the costs of maintaining your account, and providing any maintenance and services that it may need. There are other fees associated with setting up merchant accounts, but they can vary from one merchant account provider to another, so it is recommended that you contact your merchant account provider for an exact list and estimate.