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How do I setup ecommerce credit cards?

In order to have a merchant account that can handle ecommerce accept credit cards, you will need to get in touch with a merchant account that specializes in ecommerce merchant accounts, or internet based merchant accounts. These are specialized merchant accounts that require no software or equipment on your part. The processing for ecommerce accept credit cards happens over the internet, from the customer’s computer to a special, secure server that verifies the credit card and processes the transaction. The cost of an ecommerce credit card merchant account is usually not much more than a regular merchant account, and sometimes may be less! Check with your merchant account provider for prices and promotions.

What’s the best way to ecommerce accept credit cards?

You will want to use a merchant account in order to process transactions with ecommerce accept credit cards. Third party websites can work in a pinch, but they are often costly, and can give your customers an inaccurate impression of cheapness and inexperience. When you choose to use ecommerce accept credit cards merchant accounts, you will have flexible credit card processing options that blend seamlessly with your websites. The result is a well designed, well working website that functions and works flawlessly, all of which is very pleasing to the customer.

Do I need special software to ecommerce accept credit cards?

Yes and no. While the merchant accounts used to ecommerce accept credit cards works on its own, your website will need some sort of shopping cart software to remember your customer’s purchases, organize them, and then come up with a total and an area to input mailing addresses and any special payment instructions. It is typically the shopping cart software that gathers all of the above mentioned data and comes up with a sum total, which the customer then pays for using a credit card with a merchant account that is set up to ecommerce accept credit cards.

Will my regular merchant account work to ecommerce accept credit cards?

No. First and foremost, you may not use one individual merchant account for more than one business setting. Even if you own a furniture store that has its own website on the internet, the purchases made in store are separate from those made online, and thus each setting must have its own merchant account. Online websites use merchant accounts that are designed to ecommerce accept credit cards in the online atmosphere, with the use of secure websites and servers. These merchant accounts work online only, just as the merchant accounts used in stores and other physical settings will not work for internet purchases. For more information on having two separate merchant accounts in your name, check with your merchant account provider.