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Benefits of Accepting Credit Cards

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Benefits of accepting credit cards

When you start accepting credit cards, you’ll start seeing an increase in customers and sales. Accept credit cards, and increase sales, catch impulse shoppers with items and deals that are too good to resist, get an edge in the competition with your competitors, and more! When you accept credit cards, you open yourself up to a world of possibilities. Many people carry plastic only these days, and turning them away for a sale is nothing less than detrimental for your business. Credit card shoppers spend more, and they spend more often. Entice them by accepting credit cards!

Earn more money with accepting credit cards

Are you still undecided about accepting credit cards? Well, chew on this: the industry standard for an average credit card purchase is $40. But in 2006, that number doubled to $80! In comparison, the average cash purchase was well under $20. Also, did you know that credit card shoppers shop more often? They love the convenience that credit cards offer, and flock to the places that are accepting credit cards. Businesses should definitely take advantage of both of these facts, and begin accepting credit cards as soon as possible! The transaction fees and monthly maintenance charges are negligible when compared to the potential profits.

Bring in more customers by accepting credit cards

As mentioned earlier in this article, the stores that are accepting credit cards are the ones that are bring in more money and more customers. Credit card carrying customers spend more and go shopping more often, and both are win-win situations for you. Also, don’t lose out on potential online sales by requiring a customer to call an order in, or worse yet, mail it in! Set up a merchant account and begin accepting credit cards at your online shop right away. Credit cards are the number one choice for online purchases, because they complete the transaction instantly, and are the securest way to shop.

Getting started with accepting credit cards

So, are you ready to begin accepting credit cards? Good! Let’s talk about how to get everything up and running. First, you’ll need to find a merchant account provider that provides the type of merchant account you’ll need. Once that is accomplished, you’ll need to fill out an application form and include any required processing fees and start-up fees. Once the merchant provider has your application in hand, they’ll go over it, gather any documentation they need, call you with any questions they may have, and hopefully approve everything, and get you set up with the credit card processing equipment and/or software that you’ll need.